15th International Terroir Congress

The 15th International Terroir Congress will be held in Mendoza (Argentina) from 18 to 22 November 2024 at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (UNCUYO).

This will be a unique opportunity to unravel the complexities of the world's viticultural terroirs, to explore Mendoza's diverse vineyards, engage with industry professionals, enjoy world-renowned wines and cuisine, and make lasting connections with esteemed colleagues.

The organising team, representing the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Instituto de Biología Agrícola (CONICET-UNCUYO) and the Catena Institute of Wine, looks forward to the honour of welcoming you to a stimulating scientific and social programme.
Scientific Sessions
Scientific Session Details
Climate* Projections and scenarios of climate change * Climate change impacts * Climate-related challenges and opportunities for viticulture * New technologies to assess climatic parameters * Index and climate characterization
Malbec* Historical overview of Malbec * Studies of Malbec cultivation and winemaking in Argentina and worldwide * Properties of Malbec wines cultivated in different regions
Plant material and management* Selection of plant material and management practices in response to climate change projections * Epigenetic mechanisms in grapevine acclimation * Impact of soil and climate change on vines, wine quality and typicity * Adaptation to climate through viticultural practices * Grapevines phenotypic plasticity in response to changing environments
Soil* Innovation in terroir studies * Physical, chemical and microbiological properties of soils * Soil health indicators * Adaptation to soil through viticultural practices * Performance of rootstocks in different soils
Name Until Price
Full Pass (Early Bird)30/08/24700.00
3-Day Pass (Argentine residents only)18/11/24300.00